A word from the Organizer


Dražen Vrhovac

v.d. direktora Investiciono-razvojne banke Republike Srpske

The idea of holding the Invest Forum in the organization of the Republic of Srpska Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS), in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Srpska, originated from the meetings I had, together with my associates, in the country and abroad, with foreign investors, ambassadors and consuls. foreign chambers of commerce, representatives of international institutions and organizations, with the aim of presenting the investment opportunities, potentials and projects of the Republic of Srpska and its cities and municipalities in the best possible way, on the one hand, and establishing business contacts and cooperation between foreign and domestic business people, on the other.

After a series of meetings held with a significant number of foreign investors, we realized that sometimes it takes much more time than the duration of one meeting with foreign investors to present everything that the Republic of Srpska can offer for investment. And there is a lot that can be used for new investments, opening of new jobs, creating of new values and strengthening of the economic environment. Thus the initiative to organize the Invest Forum seemed like an excellent opportunity to gather in one place a significant number of interested business people from abroad, domestic businessmen and representatives of the republican, local and international institutions. The Forum is the place where they would discuss concrete investment opportunities and offers of the Republic of Srpska and its cities and municipalities, which relate to investing in certain business zones, connecting domestic and foreign business people in the form of B2B meetings, presenting domestic companies and their projects that are ready for cooperation and implementation of joint projects.

It is important to mention that IRBRS, at this moment, has a complete database of various kinds of information on investment potentials, possibilities and projects of the Republic of Srpska and its municipalities and cities, which are necessary for all the interested investors. Our goal is that such data reach interested domestic and foreign businessmen, and therefore, holding of the Invest Forum is an ideal opportunity to make it all available to them and thereby attract their additional attention to invest in the Republic of Srpska.

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